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Web applications

As faster broadband access to the internet has increased, more of our everyday business applications are moving to the web.

We have a range of web based applications that can be integrated into your website, in either a secured area for your staff to access, or made freely available to your clients to improve productivity and make your website more interactive and work better for you.

Web based, hosted applications, often referred to as Cloud Computing or Software as a Service (SaaS), is the next step in the evolution of computer software and can have many advantages over the traditional desktop/server applications:

Lower overall costs: Your investment in IT is much lower. The applications are hosted "in the cloud", eliminating the cost of expensive Servers and maintenance.

With Cloud Computing, the set-up costs can be much lower, as you pay a monthly fee for the software rather than a large initial outlay. You also avoid the hassle and expense of software upgrades.

Increased mobility: As both the applications and your data is hosted "in the cloud", you simply access the applications with a web connection. This makes it easy for you to share data. You could effectively run your business from anywhere in the world accessing your data using your laptop or a Smartphone.

Increased security: Your data is better protected from disasters such as server and hard drive failures, malicious software and virus attacks.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We all know that building relationships with prospects helps to convert them into customers. However this can be a time consuming business.

CRM software takes some of the pain out of this process, allowing you to gather information about your prospects and customers in one place, organise this data and proactively follow up in a timely fashion. Our web based, hosted CRM systems go one step further by enabling you to automate the whole process.

We offer a choice of CRM solutions, with features including:

  • online lead capture
  • the ability to track opportunities, sales and billing
  • quotation tools and order processing
  • marketing campaigns
  • supplier management
  • and management reporting capabilities

We can also build in email marketing functionality, either inviting your customers and prospects to sign up to a regular mail-out, or sending out pre-programmed emails at key stages of the customer journey.

Our hosted CRM solutions provide your admin staff, sales, marketing and support people with all the tools they need to generate leads, manage the sales pipeline and convert enquiries to orders, making them more productive and enabling them to use their time more efficiently.

Hosted Accounting Solutions

Manage your business accounts efficiently.

Hosted Accounting Solutions

Hosted Accounting Solutions

Accessible through a secure area of your website, our hosted accounting applications make managing your business accounts easy and stress-free.

We offer a selection of accounts packages, in partnership with reputable online software providers.

All will enable you to:

  • create and send invoices with ease
  • view up-to-date financial reports at any time
  • handle and record international transactions in multiple currencies
  • import your bank statements to simplify the reconciliation process
  • quickly bring up details of all transactions for any customer or supplier
  • and much more

With our hosted accounting applications you can make your accounts accessible to multiple users, including your accountant, at no extra cost. In addition, software upgrades will happen automatically, meaning you won’t have to periodically pay to move up to the latest version. So choosing one of our online accounting solutions makes sound financial sense!.

eCommerce & Web Shops

Make purchasing easy for your visitors.

eCommerce & Web Shops

eCommerce & Web Shops

We can integrate our versatile eCommerce applications seamlessly into your website, making browsing and purchasing a pleasure for your visitors.

Depending on your requirements, we’ll recommend one of a number of reliable hosted solutions. You will then be able to:

  • display unlimited products in unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • choose how you want to display your products on the page
  • include multiple product options, eg different sizes and colours
  • offer discounts based on quantities purchased
  • sell instantly downloadable files with a range of download options
  • and much more

Our eCommerce packages incorporate comprehensive shopping cart facilities with full payment gateway integration, including PayPal.

Event Booking



Event Booking

If you put on events regularly or just from time to time, incorporating an event booking system into your website will make the organisation dramatically easier.

Our powerful web based booking systems are suitable for any type of event, from training courses and seminars to theatres and modelling agencies.

Benefits include:

  • visitors to your site will be able to book and pay online then receive an email confirmation
  • once the event is sold out booking will, if you require, be automatically disabled, so you won’t accidentally get overbooked
  • and you’ll be able to keep tabs on progress and update event information through a simple administration panel

You’ll then be able to include a link to the event booking page in your promotional materials, making it seductively easy for people to click and book their place.

Animated Brochures

Visually stunning animated online publications.

Animated Brochures

Animated Brochures

We can create visually stunning animated online publications, including brochures, catalogues, newsletters and magazines, and integrate them into your website.

Our animated online publications have the look and feel of a glossy magazine. Your visitors will be able to peruse each page before virtually flipping to the next. This has been proven to encourage people to read and digest information by keeping their attention.

Integrating animated publications into your website offers a number of benefits, including:

  • helping to optimise your website
  • allowing you to reach a much wider audience
  • reducing your impact on the environment
  • and saving you print and postage costs

Just send out a link to the relevant page of your website and invite people to browse your publication online.

Web Forum

Build a sense of community by adding a forum or message board to your website.

Web Forum

Web Forum

Adding a forum or message board to your website is a great way to build a sense of community among your visitors and keep people coming back regularly.

We can integrate a discussion area into your website that will:


  • encourage visitors to sign up to get involved
  • enable members to read, post and respond to relevant questions
  • allow you to moderate activity and interact with members
  • and boost your search engine optimisation by keeping your site active.

Adding a sign-up button to your homepage will entice visitors to sign up, enabling you to capture their details.

Membership and Subscriptions

Manage subscriptions and membership via the web.

Membership and Subscriptions

Membership and Subscriptions

Incorporating a membership or subscription element into your website is an excellent and hassle-free way to develop relationships with visitors to your site and build their loyalty. It can also bring in valuable additional revenue for your business.

Our membership and subscription management applications:

  • give you complete control over your database of members or subscribers
  • allow you to share specific files, articles and sections of your website with visitors, depending on their membership or subscription level
  • enable visitors to upgrade their membership or subscription level, paying via a trusted online payment system such as PayPal
  • and ensure people agree to your specified terms and conditions before signing up or upgrading

The application will automatically send out an alert to members or subscribers when renewal fees are due, taking away the administrative burden from you.

Web Surveys

Get valuable feedback from your customers by hosting web surveys on your website.

Web Surveys

Web Surveys

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are constantly looking to improve our service to our

Gathering information about what your prospects and current customers think is invaluable.

You can use a web survey to find out more about their circumstances and requirements. You can then tailor your products and services and the way you promote them to meet their exact needs, keeping your target market happy and, ultimately, boosting your sales figures.

In addition you can use web surveys to gauge general opinion on key topics relevant to your area of business, which you can then use to form the basis of a PR campaign.

The professional web surveys we create will:

  • enable you to collect insights into your target market in the most cost-effective way possible
  • save you time and resources compared to other survey techniques
  • and are user-friendly and convenient for your respondents, and for you

We can integrate the survey into your website and supply you with a link to send out to key contacts by email.


Add a blog to your website to communicate details of new services, product releases and hot topics.



Adding a blog to your website is an excellent way to keep your content current, boosting your search engine rankings and keeping visitors coming back for more. A good blog will also help to build your organisation’s profile as experts in your field.

We can fully integrate a blog into your website so that it improves your visibility with search engines such as Google.

Our blogs:

  • are easy to use, making the creation of a new post a breeze
  • include foolproof ‘tag cloud’ web optimisation
  • can incorporate social media buttons to encouraging reposting
  • and can even integrate automatically with Facebook and Twitter

If you’re worried about getting stuck for words, we can also help you out there, with our copywriting service.